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Cas's devotional Bible studies invite deep conversation with God and encourage authentic and transparent conversations in community. She believes that Jesus is the hero of the true story of the whole world and counts it a privilege to point others to him through the study of His Word. 


Not Alone: Cultivating Gospel community 

“Christ centered community is integral to our growth in Christ, and discipleship takes that community to a deeper level. By taking a step of faith to open the pages of this study, you demonstrate the courage you need to expose the details of your life to another believer. The Lord quite often uses our experiences to spur another believer’s faith, and uses the affliction of a friend to give us courage. The foundation of this study will rest on the Word of God, and while we will focus primarily on II Timothy, we will see that the whole canon of Scripture comes together to point us to Christ.

Astonishing Love: A devotional Study in 1 John

Astonishing Love is designed to deepen your faith in Christ, to draw you closer to Him through His Word, and to expose you to His astonishing love.



The excellence of Christ: An Encounter with the Savior

My hope and prayer as you study this book is that Jesus Christ will become infinitely more attractive as you gaze into His face and marvel at His sovereign plan. Hebrews provides a great overview of the Old Testament, the Law, the priesthood, and sacrificial system as it points to Jesus. As an old Bible teacher once told me, "If you can get a handle on Hebrews, you can get a handle on the whole Bible." As I prepared this study guide I realized I will never plumb the depths of this challenging and complex book of Scripture. One thing is certain, the vast treasure and rich truth available in Hebrews will keep you and I digging for a long, long time.