Cross-culture Theology: Gonzales and Augustine

A portion of my dissertation research revolves around a "narrative approach" to meaningful gospel conversations, which necessarily involves conversing with a variety of different perspectives and cultures. Today my journey takes me to Justo Gonzalez's "The Mestizo Augustine: A Theologian Between Two Cultures."

Gonzalez, a Cuban American historian and theologian, provides fresh insight as he looks at how Augustine's theology and ministry was shaped by two different cultures--his father was Greco/Roman and his mother was African. According to Gonzales, Augustine was a "mestizo," "of mixed race," which gave his theology a unique potency in the Roman culture of his day.

Gonzales not only looks at Augustine's contribution from a different perspective, but he also views Augustine's life and legacy through the lens of his own Latino heritage, which, even a few chapters in, adds richness and texture to Augustine's.

I'm just a chapter or so into the book, but I'm reminded of the importance of looking at theology, theologians, and the gospel through a multi-cultural lens.

If you're interested, Gonzales has a unique point of view on church history as well. His "The Story of Christianity, Vol. 1 & 2" are excellent.