On My Way to A Colloquy Sponsored by Newbigin House of Studies

Creative Maladjustment: Pastoral Leadership for Turbulent Times

I must admit, they had me at the title. "Maladjustment" aptly describes what I feel almost every day as I navigate 'gospel in culture' during these "turbulent times." 

This particular colloquy is sponsored by Newbigin House of Studies, a relatively new and growing seminary set in the heart of San Francisco. I became acquainted with Dr. Peter Choi, Director of Academic Programs for NHS, this summer at Cru 17. One of our staff members had just wrapped up "The Newbigin Year" and was eager to share his experience. I was impressed by the seminary's commitment to "seek the good of the city by developing leaders through theological education." My personal and professional ministry experience convinces me that navigating meaningful ministry in the twenty-first century requires a solid theological foundation, and what better place to start than "the city by the bay." 

NHS takes as its namesake missionary statesman Lesslie Newbigin (1909–1998). He served as a missionary, evangelist, and apologist in India for many years, but, as many would agree, his most profound work and influence began upon his return to England where he was shocked to discover that the West had become its own mission field–in urgent need of attention. My own studies have been profoundly influenced by his work as a missiologist and public theologian, and I have enjoyed reading several of his books, such as Foolishness to the Greeks, Signs Amid the RubbleThe Gospel in a Pluralistic Culture, and The Gospel As Public Truth. This is one of my favorite Newbigin quotes:

"The Gospel is a public truth for all people of all times and all places."


So, if you are looking for "Creative Maladjustment" like I am, stayed tuned and I'll drop in some notable notes and quotes here as I engage in meaningful conversation, sip some coffee, and grab a few tasty meals with fabulous people along the way. 


Source: Photo by Ramiro Checchi on Unsplash